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Olive Carrier Oil - Coldpressed, Natural Carrier Oil, Olive Oil, Pure Natural Oil
Skin Type : Combination    |    For Clear Skin    |    Sensitive
Perfect remedy for skin & hair problems

Olive Carrier Oil - Coldpressed have ability to nourish, moisturize and improve skin elasticity, acts as a deep conditioner & a dandruff controller, giving hair shine & strength.
Jojoba Carrier Oil - Coldpressed, Natural Carrier Oil, Pure Natural Oil
Skin Type : Combination    |    Dry    |    For Clear Skin    |    Sensitive    |    Wrinkles and Finelines
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Quench the thirst of skin & scalp !

Jojoba Carrier Oil heals dry, itchy or red blotchy skin. Use Jojoba Carrier Oil on hair for frizz control & to control hair fall.
Soulflower Jasmine Soap, Jasmine Soap, Handmade Soaps in India, Handmade Jasmine Soap, 100% Natural Handmade Soap online,100% veg soap,Physical Aches Soap
Skin Type : Dry    |    Perspiration    |    Sensitive
A heady aphrodisiac aroma to enjoy with every bath

The jasmine flower is known for its alluring aphrodisiac aroma. What you may not know is that it also reduces muscle stiffness, sprains and other physical aches. 
Jasmine Massage Oil
Skin Type : Sensitive
A heady aphrodisiac aroma to relax your senses

Total body relaxation while on a physical level it moisturizes & tones your skin, restoring its natural pH balance.
Lavender Aroma Massage Oil, Aroma Massage Oil, Buy Aroma Massage Oil Online
Skin Type : Foot and toe care    |    Perspiration    |    Sensitive
Heal your soul with a touch of lovely lavender..!

Natural healing process of Lavender soothes your body & spirit. Induces deep relaxation and improves concentration.Heals sunburn, itching, acne and wounds.
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