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At Soulflower, we started out by asking ourselves what would make us unique? Why should someone pick us? What do we bring to the clean beauty industry that no one else does? Here’s why we are the real deal- We have everything to show, NOTHING to hide.

Dry skin has always been one of my major skin issues and thanks to Soulflower Body Lotion it's in the past!! The best beauty brand I have tried so far!!

Alisha Chetri

My hair is way healthy and silky after using this Soulflower super rich hair conditioner!! And guess what it is Sulphate and Paraben Free!!!

Anju Prabhakaran

One of the best soap-free cleansers I have ever come across!! Cleaning dirt and makeup is too easy now thanks to Soulflower Micellar Water!!

Vidya Sharma

After long hours of research and shooting neck and back pain can be annoying and so I trust Soulflower Pain Relief Oil.... It provides an instant warming effect and is ayurvedic formulated.

Kanisha Malhotra

When it comes to beard growth and grooming Soulflower Beard Oil is my go-to product!! I love that it is pure and natural... straight from their organic farms!!

Nikhil Joshi

Soulflower Black Kalonji is one of the best oils I have been using... be it skin or hair nourishment this sulphate-free oil has got you all covered.

Jayita Pal

When it comes to Dark Circles & Puffiness Soulflower Undereye Cream is one of the best solutions.... I also love that they are an animal-friendly brand.

Sonalika Shukla

Soulflower Onion Hair Oil is like a magic potion from Hogwarts!! Does wonders to your hair. A must-try!!

Magician Akshaya

Safety backed by science & tradition

22 Years of Purity

At Soulflower, we believe in a simple Philosophy of Clean Beauty that offers new-age solutions, inspired by Ayurveda & Natural Remedies. From using the best of every herb & seed, handpicked to meet our high purity standards and ensure that every ingredient is sourced from a sustainable farm using gentle extraction techniques. Our inspiration behind every product formulation is deeply rooted in natural, Ayurvedic rituals and includes purest, most potent, hand-selected, natural & organic ingredients.

Know Your Skin Better!

This skin diagnostic test will help us better understand your skin and provide you a tailored range of products just for you.

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