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Soulflower Light Me Up Soap set of 2 , Light Me Up Soap, Soulfower handmade light me soap, Handmade Vegan Organic Soaps, Handmade Soap online, Aloe Vera Herbal Soap, Orange Handmade soap for moisturizing skin
Skin Type : Dry    |    Skin Lightening & Tan Removal    |    Underarm Care
Get glowy & shiny skin naturally

For best results keep on skin for a few minutes, gently rubbing in a circular motion to remove dry dead skin. For all skin types.
Soulflower Castor Olive combo
The perfect hair and skincare combo, Castor and Olive is a natural moisturizer cum conditioner for your hair and a natural skin emollient.
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Skin Type : Acne and Pimple
Aloevera is the "plant of immortality"

The "plant of immortality," anti-inflammatory aloe Vera moisturizes dry skin, maintains controls acne, cuts, psoriasis, itching, and other skin conditions.
Soulflower Castor Peppermint Combo
The blend of Castor and Peppermint will help to cool down dry, itchy scalp. Also, it works best for your skin to calm down inflammations.
Soulflower Castor Rosemary Combo
If you’re looking for the perfect hair solution, then the blend of Castor and Rosemary is what you exactly need. With antifungal and antibacterial properties, these two will serve as the best hair tonic.
Soulflower Castor Jojoba Combo
The combination of Castor & Jojoba is one of the best solutions for controlling hair fall and also giving your hair that much needed nutrition and shine
Soulflower Castor Tea Tree Combo
If you’re looking out for the perfect dandruff solution, then the combo of Castor and Tea Tree is the one you should go for.
Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap set of 3
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Deep cleanses pores naturally

A great way to scrub clogged pores, deodorize and dissolve dull, dry skin and surface impurities. This handmade bar effectively prevents bumps, breakouts and acne.
Soulflower Anti Dandruff Set
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Time to say goodbye to Dandruff & hair problems in a natural way

This Soulflower Anti Dandruff Set specially designed for hair problems. And Dandruff is the common problems for all. This set gives you perfect treatment for your hair naturally.
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