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Heart Bathset With Ocean Blue
Skin Type : Foot and toe care
Dive into the freshness of Ocean Salts 2 say goodbye 2 all strains of a tiring day !

Relaxing & Aromatic Retreat ! Revitalizes tired worn out muscles. Rejuvenates your whole body helps reversing the aging process. Great for tired, sweaty and smelly feet from standing all day.
Soulflower Foot Reflexology Massage Oil, Aromatherapy Massage Oils, Buy Massage Oils Online
Skin Type : Elbow and Knee care    |    Foot and toe care
Been on your feet the whole day ? relax, soften & deodoeize

Ideal for use after exercise or standing on your feet the whole day.
Refreshing Massage Oil, Buy Massage Oils Online, Aroma Massage Oils
Refresh your body & stimulate blood flow

This blend is great for physical & emotional boost & detoxification. Provides the perfect pick-me-up after a long tiring day.
Bergamot Essential Oil, Natural Bergamot Essential Oil, Pure Natural Oil
Natural boon for strong & shiny hair !

Bergamot is one of the most refreshing herbs amongst all. Known to relieve depression and build confidence, this oil works on your mood by relaxing your nerves and muscles. Also with it’s antiseptic properties, Bergamot is perfect to heal minor cuts and bruises along with giving you an acne free skin.
Breathe Easy Essential Oil, Natural Essential Oil, Pure Essential Oils, Buy Essential Oils Online India
Inhale deeply and get rid of chest congestion

This special blend of lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils have been brought together to ease cold and cough, breathing and unblock stuffy nose. Inhale or just apply on your skin with any base oil, this blend will also help you to get a peaceful sleep.
Energy Essential Oil, Essential Aromatherapy Oils, Essential Oils Online India, Pure Natural Oil
Stay productive all day & keep up your energy

Re-energize and uplift your spirit with this energizing blend of essential oils like orange, lemon, rosemary and peppermint. This combination is mind and body stimulating and works well in improving concentration.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Buy Eucalyptus Essential Oils Online, Pure Natural Oil
Get rid of your stress from mind & muscles !

Eucalyptus is like a powerhouse of benefits both for your skin and hair. It helps heal acne, suntan and balance the amount of oil in your skin. As for hair, it cools down itchy scalp and keep away bacteria causing dandruff away.
Lemongrass Essential Oil, Insect Repellant Essential Oil, Natural Lemongrass Essential Oil, Pure Natural Oil
Skin Type : Oily
A whiff of lemongrass with an essence of health !

An amazing skin toner, Lemongrass essential oil has anti-aging properties which helps to keep your skin firm. It detoxifies your skin and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Also, it works best as a natural deodorizer and a bug repellant.
Orange Essential Oil, Anti-Inflammatory, Pure Essential Oils Online, Pure Natural Oil
Renew & repair skin improve hair growth

Orange Essential Oil is rich in powerful antioxidant d-limonene and aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration. It’s rich fruity scent uplifts your spirit while providing a calming influence on your body. Orange is supposed to bring peace and happiness to the mind.
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