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Hair Growth

Soulflower Castor Carrier Oil Pack Of 2
Ultimate Healing For Skin & Hair

Castor Carrier Oil is a hair growth stimulator and controls hair loss. It’s also a perfect emollient for face and lips. Fixes split ends, adds shine, prevents breakage, controls dandruff and thickens hair.
Castor Carrier Oil - Coldpressed, Pure Castor Oil, Organic Castor Oil
Skin Type : For Clear Skin
Healing oil for skin & hair

Castor Carrier Oil is a hair growth stimulator and controls hair loss. It is a perfect Emollient for the face & lips.
Fixes Split ends, adds shine, prevents breakage, controls dandruff, thickens hair
Olive Carrier Oil - Coldpressed, Natural Carrier Oil, Olive Oil, Pure Natural Oil
Skin Type : Combination    |    For Clear Skin    |    Sensitive
Perfect remedy for skin & hair problems

Olive Carrier Oil - Coldpressed have ability to nourish, moisturize and improve skin elasticity, acts as a deep conditioner & a dandruff controller, giving hair shine & strength.
Argan Carrier Oil - Coldpressed, Morrocan Argan, Coldpressed Carrier Oil
Skin Type : Dry    |    For Clear Skin    |    Nail and Cuticle
Perfect Serum For Hair

Moroccan Argan Carrier Oil soothes dry scalp & prevents frizzy hair; restores shine & luster. Moroccan Argan Oil penetrates easily into the hair follicles & cures split ends. Moroccan Argan Oil makes hair manageable & silky. Perfect for both oily & dry skin, Reduces aches & pains due to arthritis, Prevent stomach stretch marks, Strengthens weak nails.
Jojoba Carrier Oil - Coldpressed, Natural Carrier Oil, Pure Natural Oil
Skin Type : Combination    |    Dry    |    For Clear Skin    |    Sensitive    |    Wrinkles and Finelines
Quench the thirst of skin & scalp !

Jojoba Carrier Oil heals dry, itchy or red blotchy skin. Use Jojoba Carrier Oil on hair for frizz control & to control hair fall.
Rosemary Essential Oil
Give some rest to your mind & nails.... stop itching !

Known to be a perfect hair tonic, Rosemary Essential Oil strengthens your hair, promotes hair growth and improves it’s texture. Craving for that much needed shine in your hair ? Then, Rosemary essential oil is the perfect solution for you.
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Skin Type : Elbow and Knee care    |    Wrinkles and Finelines
Defends against dandruff & helps alopecia

Calms & reduces anger, tension & nervousness. Helps insomnia, considered an aphrodisiac. Great for hair growth.
Healthy Hair Massage Oil
Super hair care oil overall healthy & growth formula

Lavender Rosemary Healthy Hair Massage Oil prevents hair fall & premature baldness, promotes hair growth, reduces itchiness & dry scalp conditions that lead to dandruff.
Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar, Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar, Handmade Shampoo bar in India, Sandalwood Shampoo Bar, Geranium Shampoo Bar ,Natural Anti-dandruff Shampoo Bar, Handmade Soap , Geranium Shampoo Bar for Hair Loss, Handmade Shampoo bar online
Purify your senses !

Use Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar for normal to dry hair. It keeps hair moisturized, strengthens them and makes the mind calm and relaxed. 
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