Make In India

make in india

Proud to be INDIAN

At Soulflower,we celebrate India and all our products are locally made, based on our ancient Ayurvedic beauty secrets – suitable for Indian consumers . Our every effort accelerates towards bringing our consumers closer to the old Indian homemade beauty recipes.


Ingredients used in our products are fresh, pure and natural – all sourced locally from the farmer’s land and are 100% Indian origin. As a result, they are absolutely free from artificial hardeners or chemicals harsh for your skin and hair.

We are 100% VEG

Going by our pure Indian traditions, Soulflower products are made from all things vegetarian. Herbs, fresh fruits, vegetables and flower extracts form the base of all our natural cosmetics. Also, our products are never tested on animals.


All our products are handmade, hand crafted and hand rolled into perfection. They are given the much needed touch of love by our skilled craftsmen from the time of manufacturing till it reaches your doorstep.