How to use our spa products


Soulflower soap comes in large bar sizes; you should cut how much you need,and store the unused soap in a cool dry place. This way you can make your soap last for a long time.Keep the soap in a soap dish, so that water drains away & the soap is dry when not inuse. Does not contain artificial hardeners & preservatives. Store in a cool dry place for longer shelf life.

Bath Salts

Add just 2 capfuls in your warm bath for a well balanced nutrition & moisture for the skin. Or dip a towel in a tub of bath salts & hot water & place over aching muscles.

Massage Oil

Use as an all over body massage oil or add a few drops to warm bath water. The rich blend of jojoba, olive & rice bran oil stimulate blood circulation & improve the circulatory & toxic removal system of the body, while sesame oil is excellent for body ache. Vitamin E easily permeates into the skin leaving it radiant & healthy from the inside.

Aroma Massage Techniques

Pressure point massage

Why not make sure you"ve released some tension and stress by discovering pressure point massage therapy.

By applying acupressure and massage-like techniques to the feet or hands, you can positively influence all other parts of the body with reflexology.

Essential Oil

Add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and place it in closets and drawers to scent linens and repel moths and insects.
Place a few drops of essential oil on a wet cloth or dryer sheet to deodorize and freshen your laundry.
Diffuse essential oil in Soulflower ceramic oil burner to set the mood for a social gathering.
Add few drops of essential oil to bath water to calm your mind, body, and spirit after a hard day’s work.
Add few drops to Soulflower potpourri to enjoy aroma.

Because essential oils are so concentrated, it is usually best to dilute them with a neutral carrier oil, such as grapeseed, wheatgerm, hazelnut, avocado, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut or olive, to avoid irritating the skin. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of your chosen carrier oil & blend well. Do not use directly on skin.Please consult with physician before use.

Carrier Oil

Blend carrier oil with a few drops of any Soulflower essential oil & use as desired For best results use 1 to 5% essential oils say about 5 drops essential oil in 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.

There is a range of different carrier oils, each with a various therapeutic properties. Choosing an oil will depend on the area being massaged, the presenting conditions & the clients sensitivity & requirements.

For massage, viscosity is a major consideration; for eg grapeseed oil is typically very thin, while wheatgerm oil is much thicker. Avocado & hazelnut have viscosities midway between these extremes. Carrier oils can be easily blended to combine their properties of viscosity, acceptability, lubrication, absorption, aroma & so forth.

Blend your chosen carrier oil with a few drops of Soulflower essential oil & use as desired! For best results use 1 to 5% essential oils.


How to use our Decor products


We use natural thai clay that has high HRA (heat retaining agent) property,Which means that our diffusers are stronger, don’t discolour & don’t absorb aromas.In addition, our diffusers are heavier & thicker, thus can withstand more heat.So, you can use them for a long long time. Enjoy with different Aromas!


Trim the wick slightly before use.Do not keep unattended burning candle.Burn In a closed room and out of air draft for maximum aroma & longer life.


Open the potpourri and fill in a bowl or any container.Or,punch a few holes in the potpourri bag and enjoy the aroma.


Every Soulflower flower can be molded and twisted to attain the desired look in your choice of display. Clean with a dry cloth.