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Rosemary essential oil

I lovee the feel of my hair the day I apply rosemary oil .. feels so soft and I can see the difference In my growth and thickness :)

1st of all send me my product's its been a month that ive orderd but yet didn't received anything. Didn't expected this from soulflower.Still waiting for the product's

Best face wash with lightning substance which glow my skin thanku soulflower for being a part of my daily life, ❤️

Best soap

This soap is the best that I have used. It makes my skin hydrated and soft. The fragrance is fresh and mild.

Mysterious Eau De Parfum

Best product

Smell is top good,feel relaxed after using it

Awesome product 👌

Smell is too good,feel relaxed after using it

Glitter glitter 🪩 everywhere

Everything glitters is not Gold but in this case it's true.
I've a combination and dull skin and this works wonder.
Truly in 💕 with this gold peel mass

Juicy Red Tomato Soap

Relax Mommy Gift Set
Mallika Ayan
Simply Wowed…

bought the pdt as a gift for baby shower…prompt response and delivery made it special. The mommy to be s too happy with the products. The aroma is not strong and nauseating and is super smooth on the skin…she really feels pampered

Best moiturising soap for winter

It makes my skin so soft and smooth and doesn't dry my skin in winter like other face washes. Absolutely in love with the soap. Aroma makes the day. But it melts too fast. Thank u soulflower

Best moiturising soap for winter

I have used many facewashes but all makes my skin dry in winter but this soap has done wonder it does not make my skin dry and makes it smooth and soft with beautifull aroma which makes my day . Must try for people who face dry skin issue in winter . Thank you soulflower

Good bathing handmade soap

Excellent soaps which retain their fragrance and colour until the last use. Highly recommend them🙂



Best Coconut Oil

Soulflower's oils are the best. I have been using these oils since 2015 and found them the best.

Good...sunscreen,nice fragrance


It adds glow to face

Best for hair

The life of my hair has changed after using this oil, use it twice/ thrice a week and see your hair getting transformed

Good for body massage

I ordered the Rose Geranium Aroma Massage Oil for body massages in summers and it proved to be a very good choice. It's aromatic, mostly non sticky and leaves the skin nourished and smelling great.

Helpful conditioner

The conditioner works very well to soften hair. But I don't enjoy the smell.

Rosemary Lavender Healthy Hair Oil For Hair Growt

Hair oil is good, smells nice overall worthy product.


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