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Soulflower Citronella Essential Oil

Fungal infection care and insect repellent

Skin, Hair & Diffusion
Oil balance and antibacterial

Oily and combination skin & hair types
Soulflower Citronella Essential Oil
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100% Pure, Natural and Vegan Soulflower Citronella Essential Oil soothes your skin and scalp, inhibits bacterial infection, detoxifies, controls acne and hair greasiness, improves skin tone, adds softness and volume to your hair and famous as a natural insect repellent.

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  • In-depth Moisturizer & Best Insect Repeller
  • 100% Pure, Undiluted & Natural Essential Oil
  • Perfect For Oily And Combination Skin And Hair Types
  • Free From Chemicals, Synthetic Colour Or Fragrance


Soulflower leads in the quest to create premium quality Hair and Skin care solutions. This essential oil is carefully formulated to work optimally for all hair and skin types.


This product does not contain any animal-derived components. All ingredients are 100% Pure, Natural and Vegan tested to be completely safe and harmless to skin.


Soulflower is bringing real value to you, by being there every step of the way that nobody else has available. We offer world-class customer service and exclusivity – 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


Pioneering Natural Healthy Living, all our products are the combination of ingredients that are hand-picked from freshest and sustainable local resources flourished in the corners of India.


Soulflower is a Halal certified company which only makes pure and vegan products for the people to use. Each and every product that we sell is completely free of animal fats, alcohol or alcohol processed ingredients during production.


You know a product is highly substantial when it is efficacy proven and based on clinically tested and FDA approved ancient recipes which have been passed down for ages.

Natural Insect Repellent, Deep Cleanser And Antifungal


Citronella nurdus (Citronella) essential is a perfect choice for oily and combination skin types. Being an effective detoxifier, citronella oil keeps your skin clean and pure. It promotes a healthy-glowing skin by reducing acne, warts with its antibacterial properties; also brightens complexion, improves skin tone by making it smoother and widely used as an insect repellent. It’s rich citrus aroma is best used as a deodorant that wonderfully eliminates body odor caused by sweating.


Applying Citronella essential oil on your hair cleanses scalp sebum build-up, eliminates greasiness and adds shine and volume to your hair. This oil conditions strands and makes your hair rich in volume, frizz-free, soft and healthy.


Diffusion of Citronella essential oil helps get rid of gloominess, mental fatigue and widely known as a great mood elevator. This oil attunes Svadhistana; The Sacral Chakra thatinfluences emotional bonding and nurtures well-being. It also influences self-containment, charisma, core strength, self-identity, self-empowerment, and power struggles.

How Is Soulflower Citronella Essential Oil Extracted?

Extraction of Citronella essential oil is done using steam distillation of freshly or partly dried citronella grass. To get therapeutic and healing properties of this essential oil, the raw material is sun dried for 3 days and kept for 3 days at room temperature. Dried grasses are then cut into pieces of 2 cm. Then these plant pieces are collected in the extraction vessel with a flow of high-pressured steam from the vessel-bottom. Hot steam opens the essential oil pockets of the herb. The steam containing essential oil then condensed to separate the essential oil from water.

This product is quality checked and doesn’t contain added synthetic colour or fragrance or harmful chemicals like Hexane, Silicon or preservatives like Parabens. The bottle is double sealed to avoid spillage and to ensure that the product reaches you safely.

PERFECT FOR:This essential oil is perfect for oily and combination skin, hair and scalp.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years from packaging date, if stored under proper conditions. Keep bottle away from direct sunlight or water contamination. Being natural and pure, oil may thicken in cold climate or change colour over a period, however the efficacy will remain unaffected. Place the bottle in a bowl of warm water to regain consistency in case of

  • Mix Soulflower Citronella Essential Oil with any Soulflower carrier oil before applying on hair and skin. Massage gently.
  • Diffuse to get clean, fresh, odor and insect-free surrounding aromatically.

Warning: Do not apply directly on hair or skin


Natural Insect Repellent
Take 1 cup of water in a glass spray bottle. Add 10-12 drops of Soulflower Citronella Essential Oil, 6-8 drops of Soulflower Cinnamon Essential Oil and 2-3 drops of Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil in it. Mix all ingredients properly and spray on exposed body parts during outdoor hours.

Avoid spraying on areas near eyes and mouth.

Essential oils are most effective when they are pure and potent.

However, in order to obtain these qualities in an essential oil, many careful steps must be taken. To ensure quality and effective oils, Soulflower works hard to take the proper steps to grow, distill, and assess the oils before they are given to individuals to use.

Starting with the raw materials used for essential oils, Soulflower uses plants that are grown & harvested in their optimal environments, which contributes greatly to the essential oil’s potency. After the plants are grown and harvested, they are distilled for their essential oils. These oils then undergo several lab tests, where they are examined through a series of scientific tests for their purity and potency. Because of Soulflower’s thorough system of producing essential oils, the oils they provide are powerful and pure, positively affecting millions of lives across the world.


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Excellent stuff. Always was happy with what ever I had bought from you.
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Citronella oil
The oil is great in warding off mosquitoes
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