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Soulflower Rosemary Lavender Healthy Hair Oil
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Bring home the Soulflower Rosemary Lavender Healthy Hair Oil to nourish your hair roots and prevent hair damage in 21 applications.

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  • Ideal For Stimulating Hair Growth
  • Visible Results in 21 Applications
  • 100% Pure, Natural And Vegan
  • Rosemary And Lavender Essential Oil Enriched
  • Free From Chemicals, Synthetic Colour or Fragrance


"Excellent product and the results are amazing. Hair feels soft and tamed not frizzy"


"I am in love with all your products so naturall so effective from the first use "


"Love the product. From the first use, I can feel the difference. Thank you."


Soulflower leads in the quest to create premium quality Hair and Skin care solutions. This carrier oil is carefully formulated to work optimally for all hair and skin types.


This product does not contain any animal-derived components. All ingredients are 100% Pure, Natural and Vegan tested to be completely safe and harmless to skin.


Soulflower is bringing real value to you, by being there every step of the way that nobody else has available. We offer world-class customer service and exclusivity – 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Thick, Strong & Long Hair
This oil comprises ingredients rich in necessary nutrients and vitamins for thick long hair. This special clinically proven formula comes with antioxidant properties essential to nourish and trigger new hair follicle growth right deep from the roots. The natural compounds present in Rosemary and Lavender have a property of getting absorbed instantly which is essential for triggering blood circulation around the scalp portion. Presence of Castor is responsible for this action and Amla with its antioxidant properties supports these activities.

Prevents Hair Damage & Thinning Hair
The unique composition of Lavender and Rosemary coupled with other essential ingredients for hair growth, essentially act on the damaged hair follicles and heal them. The prolonged blending process releases all the required nutrients which are ready to nourish your scalp and roots. Rosemary and Lavender along with Coconut, Jojoba and Juniper aid in offering antiseptic properties that would act tough on dry itchy scalp that leads to Dandruff and obstacles hair growth.

Relieves Stress
Stimulating hair growth and preventing hair fall is not the only essential benefits of Rosemary Lavender Healthy Hair Oil. This special natural blend not only acts on hair loss and stimulate hair growth, but also its root causes i.e. stress. The nutrients in this special blend assists in balancing the hormones that leads to stress and then hair loss.

Pure, Thick & Natural
This oil contains Castor that is primarily known for promoting hair growth. Also, Castor gives thickness to the oil which proves its purity. The more thick an oil is, the more blood circulation it could trigger.

Potency of Carnosol (an anti-inflammatory agent) helps in balancing hormones, raising follicle growth factors are sufficient to say it helps in promoting hair growth and wading away hair loss.

Linalool and Linalyl Acetate present in Lavender are to be attributed to its follicle deepening properties and the thermal layer thickening within the hair roots that assist in strengthening roots and stimulating follicles.

Medium chain fatty acids, lauric and capric acid offer rich antimicrobial and antifungal properties that would be primarily required to prevent free radicals that act as a barrier to promote hair growth. It can also be used for a shiny and dark hair.

A natural antiseptic with antifungal and antibacterial properties is the best reason to have Juniper as an essential component of Rosemary Lavender Oil. The benefits aided by Juniper are in line with Lavender thus making it an ideal sub-component in the oil.

Traditionally, Castor oil has been traditionally used for damaged hair scalp and hair loss for years. Thickness of the Rosemary Lavender Oil is because it is enriched with Castor Oil, which is thick in its purest form that is yet another attribution to purity.

An emollient by nature, Jojoba adds softness and soothes your hair scalp. Its efficacy is proven with its applications in various ancient folk medicines throughout the world. Unclogging hair follicles are one reason why Jojoba finds its place in this unique formulation.

A natural immunity booster and also the most preferred ingredient for betterment of hair. Amla offers nutrition from the inside and increases vitamin and nutrient absorption in the human body. The potent antioxidants- ellagic and gallic acid rejuvenates your skin and hair follicles by improving blood circulation around the scalp area, thus another great addition in this special composition for promoting hair growth.

  • Dampen your hair with water to make the oil application on scalp easy
  • Take 2-3 ml of this hair oil and apply gently on the scalp
  • Leave it overnight
  • Use 3 times a week for optimal results
  • Minimum of 21 applications are recommended and you can continue using to keep the hair healthy

Can I use this oil along with castor oil for hair growth?

Rosemary Lavender Oil is already enriched with Castor Oil and predominantly contains Rosemary and Lavender that are essential to promote hair growth.

I have constant dandruff which resulted into continuous hair fall. Can I apply this oil?

Yes. But we first recommend you to use Soulflower Tea Tree Scalp & Dandruff Care Oil to get rid of Dandruff. Then start using Rosemary Lavender to stimulate hair growth and thick long hair in a minimum of 21 applications.

Can patchy facial hair be fixed with this oil?

This oil is specially made to treat hair and hair related problems. Facial hair doesn’t come under the same. Hence it is not a solution for patchy facial hair.

At what time of the day should I be applying this oil and is there a procedure to follow?

It can be applied every night before going to bed. Dampen your hair with water, then take 2-3 drops and apply on the scalp. We recommend 21 applications for visible results.

Which essential oil I can add with this for added benefits?

The oil is already enriched with essential ingredients for promoting hair growth. Mixing with other essential oils will not be necessary.

What is a coldpressed process? How is it beneficial?

Coldpressed process is more of a traditional method of extracting oil. It doesn’t involve heat and grinded mixture is pressed. By doing so, the natural compounds of the ingredients will stay intact and they are essential for promoting hair growth.

Can patchy facial hair be fixed with this oil?

This oil is specially made to treat hair and hair related problems. Facial hair doesn’t come under the same. Hence it is not a solution for patchy facial hair. Rather we recommend Soulflower Castor Oil for patchy facial hair.


Special Formulation
Soulflower formulates this oil with a very unique composition that essentially nourishes your hair roots and moisturizes your hair scalp. The coldpressed process ensures no ingredients lose their natural compounds. Nutrients present in the ingredients are processed carefully to ensure the active compounds necessary for hair growth are triggered.

Efficacy of Soulflower products are visible through the positive reviews it has obtained from several happy customers who experienced visible results.

The natural ingredients of these products are clinically tested and proven to promote better hair growth in 21 applications.

FDA Approved
Rosemary Lavender Oil by Soulflower has gone through a stringent purity requirements defined by regulatory bodies like FDA, which is a positive attribution to our credibility.

Clinically Tested
Soulflower Rosemary Lavender Healthy Hair Oil has produced positive outstanding results in its clinical tests wherein it visibly aided in promoting hair growth.

Over 1 million Soulflower happy customers have been positively talking about the visible effects on them post usage.


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I am using this oil for 1 year. Excellent product. What's icing on the cake is that they called me personally to wish my birthday. That's feel good. They gave me 151/- coupon as gift which makes me feel special. And the order which gave has three aroma oils as gifts. That's feel great. Thanks. Soulflower family.
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Really good product
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It is the best hair oil i have ever use. After using this my hair texture changes in good manner. Thank You Soulflower for the best product.
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Received the product very fast. Thanks
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This is my second bottle.. oil is very very nice. And I was surprised with the goodies when I opened the box
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