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Soulflower Beard and Moustache Oil
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100% Pure, Natural, Vegan and Coldpressed Soulflower Beard And Moustache Oil is a non-synthetic, Paraben free carrier oil. It is made from the essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Lemon and oils of Argan, Olive and Jojoba.

The perfect blend grooms, tames and moisturizes facial hair giving it a fabulous appearance; helps to repair dry, greasy facial hair, control itchiness, softens it while eliminating dandruff.

You’ve grown the beard you always wanted and paired it nicely with a moustache. But grooming it is a task. We break it down for you while providing the fundamentals of cleansing, caring and styling your beard, and more. Maintain meticulous and continuous routine for your facial skin and hair with this oil charged with natural herbs that give you an epic beard.

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  • Balances natural sebum level
  • Clears beard acne
  • Free from SLS, Chemical, Synthetic Color or Fragrance


  • Nutritive moisturizer
  • Smoothens and softens facial hair
  • Light, grease-free beard and mustache


  • Perfect and firm silage
  • Repairs frizz
  • Gives off pleasant aroma


Soulflower leads in the quest to create premium quality Hair and Skin care solutions. This carrier oil is carefully formulated to work optimally for all hair and skin types.


This product does not contain any animal-derived components. All ingredients are 100% Pure, Natural and Vegan tested to be completely safe and harmless to skin.


Soulflower is bringing real value to you, by being there every step of the way that nobody else has available. We offer world-class customer service and exclusivity – 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


Pioneering Natural Healthy Living, all our products are the combination of ingredients that are hand-picked from freshest and sustainable local resources flourished in the corners of India.


Soulflower is a Halal certified company which only makes pure and vegan products for the people to use. Each and every product that we sell is completely free of animal fats, alcohol or alcohol processed ingredients during production.


You know a product is highly substantial when it is efficacy proven and based on clinically tested and FDA approved ancient recipes which have been passed down for ages.

Get Personality Perfect Beard & Moustache!
Revitalizing and exfoliating
The blend deeply cleanses your skin, removing acne causing bacteria and giving you a healthy, smooth skin. Jojoba oil removes excess oil letting your pores to breathe and makes your facial hair look soft.
Hydrates and softens skin
It hydrates your skin from inside, promoting proper hair growth and rids your beard of unpleasant smell. Antibacterial property of lavender soothes itchiness and irritation.
Tames and grooms hair
The oil balances sebum secretion, giving your beard and moustache a groomed and healthy appearance. It makes your dusty, flaky and shaggy facial hair shiny and proportionate.

Geranium Essential Oil controls excess sebum secretion, making your hair look vitalized and healthy.

Lavender Essential Oil soothes irritated and acne-prone skin, exfoliates and restores dull and flaky skin, giving off a pleasant aroma.

Lemon Essential Oil helps controlling greasiness and dandruff leaving your hair fresh, healthy and shiny.

Argan Oil is commonly used as a styling agent which restores and strengthens damaged hair, taming frizzy, brittle hair.

Olive Oil is the ultimate natural hair conditioner giving you a smooth, strong beard and moustache.

Jojoba Oil is non-sticky, odorless oil which is easily absorbed by your skin and hair, deeply conditioning it.

To have best results, it is important to follow the regime properly and regularly.

For normal hair and skin:

  • Apply 10 drops of Soulflower Beard And Mustache oil on your beard and mustache after shower. Rub it in gently and thoroughly.
  • You can apply it on either dry or damp facial hair.
  • Apply on alternate days for better results.

For dry hair and skin:

  • Apply 10 drops of Soulflower Beard And Mustache oil on your beard and mustache after shower. Rub it in gently and thoroughly.
  • You can apply it on either dry or damp facial hair.
  • Apply daily for better results.

For patchy beard:

  • Apply 10 drops of Soulflower Beard And Mustache oil on the patchy, uneven area to promote proper and natural growth. Rub it in gently and thoroughly.
  • You can apply it on either dry or damp facial hair.
  • Apply daily for better results.

For clean shaving:

  • Apply 5 drops of Soulflower Beard And Mustache oil as an aftershave in your clean shaving routine. Rub it in gently and thoroughly.
  • This will result in healthy, moisturized skin and facial hair.
  • Apply twice or thrice a week.
Do I keep the oil on my face throughout the day?

Yes, the oil is easily absorbed by your hair as well as skin so it won’t look oily or greasy. You can even carry it in a vial and apply as necessary whenever you want.

Do I have to mix this oil with any other oil?

No, this oil is the perfect blend of essential and carrier oils, making your routine easy.

What’s the shelf life of this product?

The oil is effective till 2 years from packaging date.


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Nice aroma n also able to maintain my beard with less fighting but the spray nozzle is of really bad quality n allows fr leakage of a costly oil .Plz get a better nozzle in place and don't make men to order fr more stuff by deliberately making leakages to happen.
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