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Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood PUJA OIL

Pure, Sacred & Mystique

Spiritual relaxation

Pure, Sacred & Mystique
Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood PUJA OIL
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Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood Puja Oil is a spiritual formula derived from ancient pages of Vedas, the earliest body of Indian scripture. This majestic blend of 100% Pure and Natural Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood Oil has a distinctive holy aroma of kesar and sandalwood that brings prosperity to your surroundings, pervades relaxation and gives a divine start to your day. It is a one-step solution for all your spiritual needs.

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  • 100% Pure and Natural Oil Formulation
  • Promotes physical, emotional and spiritual wellness
  • Free From Chemicals, Synthetic Colour Or Fragrance


“75% of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell. Next to sight, it is the most important sense we have." While certain natural aromas trigger memories or special feelings, they also directly act in calming, balancing and invigorating mood.


Our sense of smell is one of the most important ways in which we connect with the world around us, it is the sense most closely linked with memory and is also highly emotive with aromas being able to convey a vast array of emotions and feelings.


Soulflower pioneers Natural Healthy Living and our aromas are handmade, in small batches with 100% natural plants and flower extracts, carefully sourced from freshest and premium quality resources and free from chemicals or preservatives.


Soulflower leads in the quest of premium quality aromatisation. With a proven record of safety and efficacy we implement potent actives of natural ingredients. Millions of our loyal customers knot with us through our dedication, creativity and efficacy to serve every apt aromatising solution for your personalised needs.


As wellness becomes more conventional to a successful and healthy life, the concept of a spa, or space ardent to relaxation, is becoming both important and abundant. In recent world that generates more flux and information every second, and stress is the immediate byproduct of daily life, people are craving a unique experience that helps to stay grounded, focused, and balanced.


Soulflower is bringing real value to you, by being there every step of the way that nobody else has available. We offer world-class customer service and exclusivity – 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

  • SPREADS POSITIVE VIBES AND REVITALIZES THE SENSES: Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood Puja Oil refreshes the senses and attracts positive energy while promoting physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and relaxation by bringing profound auspiciousness and prosperity in your surroundings.

  • AN APHRODISIAC AND ENERGY ENHANCER: Kesar Sandalwood Puja Oil is a mind-soothing aroma which is inclusive of the natural warmth of Kesar or Saffron, and is well-known as an aphrodisiac and energy enhancer.

  • ENDORSES A FEELING OF SPIRITUALITY: This magnificent formulation carries an exotic woodsy aroma that fits perfectly to all your spiritual needs. It promotes purity and spirituality and relaxes your mind that leads you to a peaceful & blissful life.

  • A SAFE AND SECURE AROMATIZER FOR YOUR PERSONAL SPACE: The Kesar Sandalwood Puja Oil is a 100% Pure and Natural, Alcohol-free product of Soulflower. It is free from chemicals, synthetic colour or fragrances.

  • SOURCE OF GOOD HEALTH AND PROPERITY: This aroma oil works effectively in providing peace, health & prosperity to your surroundings and acts as a perfect assist in keeping you calm and composed.



SAFFRON-Profoundly known as herb of the sun, Saffron is highly valued for its exotic aroma and natural warmth.
SANDALWOOD OIL- Iconic symbol of purity and spirituality. Sandalwood is both scientifically & spiritually considered to increase opportunities and bring success. It is often burnt during 'Poojan' for protection, healing and prosperity.
GHEE- Charaka referred ghee to stimulate immunity and lymph detoxification. According to Sushruta, 'ghee' is an intelligence building factor that fosters wisdom. Ghee lamp has more capacity to attract the 'Sattvik' (spiritually pure) vibrations present in the surrounding atmosphere.
VEGETABLE OIL- Predominantly enhances the number of 'Raja' particles in the atmosphere.

This blend can be used in the altar to light your diyas for prayers and special occasions. It is recommended to use it in a diffuser or light earthen lamps by fill it with water and adding 5-6 drops of Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood Puja Diya Oil before starting prayers or meditation. Its cooling properties and divine aroma calms minds and generates pleasant happy thoughts.


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Subtle fragrance ... Very good
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Excellent product!
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Amazing.... I loved the puja oil.
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