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Massage Oil

Jasmine Massage Oil
Skin Type : Sensitive
A heady aphrodisiac aroma to relax your senses

Total body relaxation while on a physical level it moisturizes & tones your skin, restoring its natural pH balance.
Anti Cellulite Massage Oil, Grapefruit Massage Oil, Toxic Removal Oil
Burn fat & reduce fluid retention

This specially formulated massage oil contains essential oils that consistently deliver in every aspect of health and wellness. It's known to balance your appetite, increase your energy, balance your metabolism, uplift your mood and more.
Sandalwood Aroma Massage Oil, Calming Massage Oil, Aromatherapy Oil for Asthma
Purify your senses !

Harmonize your senses with this delicate aroma. Helps deal with stress, fatigue & chronic illness.
Rose Geranium Massage Oil, Aroma Massage Oils, Buy Massage Oils Online in india
Spice up your romantic life !

Relax with a blend of calming Rose & Geranium. A soothing, gentle & sensual way to relieve exhausted & fatigued muscles.
Lavender Aroma Massage Oil, Aroma Massage Oil, Buy Aroma Massage Oil Online
Skin Type : Foot and toe care    |    Perspiration    |    Sensitive
Heal your soul with a touch of lovely lavender..!

Natural healing process of Lavender soothes your body & spirit. Induces deep relaxation and improves concentration.Heals sunburn, itching, acne and wounds.
Refreshing Massage Oil, Buy Massage Oils Online, Aroma Massage Oils
Refresh your body & stimulate blood flow

This blend is great for physical & emotional boost & detoxification. Provides the perfect pick-me-up after a long tiring day.
Romance Aroma Massage Oil, Buy Aromatherapy Massage Oils Online in India, Aroma Massage Oils
Turn on your mood; Live the moment!

This blend include awakening the sexual senses, relaxing & calming the nerves in the body, acting on both the physical and emotional levels.
Soulflower Foot Reflexology Massage Oil, Aromatherapy Massage Oils, Buy Massage Oils Online
Skin Type : Elbow and Knee care    |    Foot and toe care
Been on your feet the whole day ? relax, soften & deodoeize

Ideal for use after exercise or standing on your feet the whole day.
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