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Aroma Bathsalt

Lavender Aroma Bath Salt, Bathing Salts, Headache Relief Bath Salts,Bath Salt for Muscle Pain
Lost your sleep and peace of mind ? Grab this & leave all your stresses and worries behind

The best way to refresh you after a long tiring day. Calms & relaxes one’s mind promoting a restful night’s sleep. Releases pain & inflammation in joints & muscles.
Heart Bathset With Ocean Blue
Skin Type : Foot and toe care
Dive into the freshness of Ocean Salts 2 say goodbye 2 all strains of a tiring day !

Relaxing & Aromatic Retreat ! Revitalizes tired worn out muscles. Rejuvenates your whole body helps reversing the aging process. Great for tired, sweaty and smelly feet from standing all day.
Rose Geranium Bath Salt, Aroma Bath Salt, Rose Bath Salts, Buy Bathing Salts Online India
Missing out a pinch of romance in life ? Experience the royal delicacy of rose at the comfort of your home !

A refreshing treat to your feet-great for cracked heels. Gently tones & improves the elasticity of the skin, cleanses & detoxifies you invigorating your spirits. Sinking into a tub of this Rose Geranium Bath Salt feels like you're lying back in a cloud of roses.
Jasmine Aroma Bath Salt, Bath Salts, Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Buy Bath Salts Online India
Awaken your sense...! Pamper yourself with this aphrodisiac & Emotionally warming bath salt !

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