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Rose Geranium Bath Salt, Aroma Bath Salt, Rose Bath Salts, Buy Bathing Salts Online India
Missing out a pinch of romance in life ? Experience the royal delicacy of rose at the comfort of your home !

A refreshing treat to your feet-great for cracked heels. Gently tones & improves the elasticity of the skin, cleanses & detoxifies you invigorating your spirits. Sinking into a tub of this Rose Geranium Bath Salt feels like you're lying back in a cloud of roses.
Jasmine Aroma Bath Salt, Bath Salts, Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Buy Bath Salts Online India
Awaken your sense...! Pamper yourself with this aphrodisiac & Emotionally warming bath salt !

Jasmine Massage Oil
Skin Type : Sensitive
A heady aphrodisiac aroma to relax your senses

Total body relaxation while on a physical level it moisturizes & tones your skin, restoring its natural pH balance.
Romance Aroma Massage Oil, Buy Aromatherapy Massage Oils Online in India, Aroma Massage Oils
Turn on your mood; Live the moment!

This blend include awakening the sexual senses, relaxing & calming the nerves in the body, acting on both the physical and emotional levels.
Rose Geranium Massage Oil, Aroma Massage Oils, Buy Massage Oils Online in india
Spice up your romantic life !

Relax with a blend of calming Rose & Geranium. A soothing, gentle & sensual way to relieve exhausted & fatigued muscles.
Cinnamon Essential Oil, Pure Essential Oils, Natural Antibiotic Essential Oil, Pure Natural Oil
Scrubs dead cell & restores shining & softness

This spicy herb is well known as skin scrubber as it helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, thereby giving you a completely clear and healthy look. Also, this oil has anti-cellulite properties as it helps to burn fat and reduce fluid retention.
Bite Me Chocolate Soap, Bite Me Handmade Chocolate Soap, Handmade Chocolate Soap, Buy Skin Moisturizing Soap, Chocolate soaps for glow skin, Chocolate soap bars
Skin Type : Dry
Keep your skin supple & moisturized

This moisturizer cum soap helps to prevent skin from drying out and rejuvenating properties of chocolate Will keep your skin supple and radiant.
Soulflower Jasmine Soap, Jasmine Soap, Handmade Soaps in India, Handmade Jasmine Soap, 100% Natural Handmade Soap online,100% veg soap,Physical Aches Soap
Skin Type : Dry    |    Perspiration    |    Sensitive
A heady aphrodisiac aroma to enjoy with every bath

The jasmine flower is known for its alluring aphrodisiac aroma. What you may not know is that it also reduces muscle stiffness, sprains and other physical aches. 
Jasmine Potpourri
Exotic and sensuously rich aroma that encourages intimacy

Known as the “King of Essential Oils”, this Jasmine potpourri infuses the room with a sweet, delicate, sensual and floral aroma that stimulates feelings of joy and optimism and also promotes restful sleep
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