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Clarity Essential Oil, Essential Oils Online India, Pure Natural Oil
Keep calm and stay alert

The amazing blend of energizing oils like lavender, bergamot, lemon, basil and lemongrass helps to keep you all focused and alert. It clears your mind off cloudy thoughts and makes you active. This blend is also good for improving your memory.
Dreamcatcher Essential Oil
Say goodbye to sleepless nights

Dreamcatcher Blend is a mix of calming essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, orange & basil which promotes peaceful sleep, reduces snoring and restlessness while sleeping and also induces positive thoughts and dreams.
Lavender Essential Oil, Natural Lavender Essential Oil, Pure Lavender Essential Oil
Skin Type : Acne and Pimple    |    Elbow and Knee care    |    Foot and toe care    |    For Clear Skin    |    Nail and Cuticle    |    Skin Lightening & Tan Removal    |    Wrinkles and Finelines
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Give some rest to your mind & nails... stop itching !

A soothing herb which detoxifies your skin, all thanks to it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Along with being an amazing skincare oil which heals acne and other skin inflammations, it also treats dry and itchy scalp and is a fabulous solution against dandruff.
Meditation Essential Oil, Natural Essential Oil, Pure Essential Oil, Buy Essential Oils Online in India, Pure Natural Oil
Inhale love, exhale hate and calm down with this oil

This blend of calming essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, basil, bergamot and marjoram assists your body in adapting to stress and imbalance by relaxing it. The combination of these oils has a warming action on your body that helps to calm emotions and relieve anxiety.
Soulflower Everyskin Lavender Soap, Everyskin Lavender Soap, Handmade Soaps in India ,Handmade Lavender Soap for Boils, Lavender handmade Soap for Insect Bites, 100% Natural Handmade Soap , Handmade soaps in India, 100% veg soap
Skin Type : Acne and Pimple    |    Normal
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Stop fighting acne & skin problems !

Lavender soap with it's rich lather and a wonderful scent is great for toning and revitalizing skin.
Lavender Potpourri
Say goodbye to headaches and migraines

Infuses the surrounding with fresh, sweet and floral aroma of lavender which helps to calm the mind and relieve headaches
Walk In The Woods Potpourri
Connect with nature and refresh your mind

Infuses the room with a very pleasant, mild and earthy aroma which has a very cooling effect on the mind and body
Kesar sandalwood PUJA OIL,puja oil for holy worship
Pure, Sacred & Mystique …
Kesar Sandalwood Puja Oil is a one-step solution for all your spiritual needs..! 
Infuse in the holy ambience in your home & work place with a pinch of purity. Give a divine start to your daily rituals with this majestic blend.
Lavender Aroma Bath Salt, Bathing Salts, Headache Relief Bath Salts,Bath Salt for Muscle Pain
Lost your sleep and peace of mind ? Grab this & leave all your stresses and worries behind

The best way to refresh you after a long tiring day. Calms & relaxes one’s mind promoting a restful night’s sleep. Releases pain & inflammation in joints & muscles.
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