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Travelling many miles for smiles!


International Women’s Day originated in the early 1900s stemming from unrest and debates among women against oppression and inequality. Since then, the seminal movement has grown globally to celebrate women and their social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women. At Soulflower, we are staunch advocates for women empowerment and believe in their upliftment, so while a single day may never be enough to celebrate women everywhere, a day set aside to celebrate them is a concept that we can get on board with.

This year Soulflower’s event to celebrate women’s day, the #MakeHerSmile initiative 2021 was all about smiles. The premise was simple, to make the special women in your lives smile, tell us why they were your wonder women, how you made them smile and share those smiles with us. For every smile we received we promised to pay it forward by gifting smiles in the form of Soulflower soaps and sanitizers.

We travelled many miles to deliver these smiles, and Soulflower soaps and sanitizers were delivered to the women of Semliya Village, Rajasthan. Why Rajasthan? Because that is where the Soulflower Farm is based. Drawing on the Farm to Face Philosophy, nestled in  the lap of nature, the Soulflower Farm is your sneak peak into the magical world of Soulflower and the fresh ingredients that go into its products. The farm is supported by  a wonderful network of farming communities and staff learning about sustainable farming and business practices, and for this campaign we decided to start closer to home show our appreciation to these wonderful women. Their twinkling eyes and faces lit up with smiles made the journey worth it.

It also inspired us to revisit the Make Her Smile initiative, what started as a simple heart-warming event soon grew to become an initiative with a larger goal, one that would continue spreading our message of kindness and compassion to women even after women’s day. Beyond spreading smiles our aim has grown to a goal of collecting one lakh smiles and to match that by distributing one lakh soaps. Through this initiative we want to equip women with the tools for better hygiene management.

This initiative is the Soulflower way of celebrating the girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers who shape our world and the special ladies who nourish, sacrifice, and love selflessly. Our journey to collect one lakh smiles starts here, and we will continue bringing joy to the women who touch our lives daily. Come join us on this endeavour, all you have to do is smile!

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