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Gift a Glow this Valentine's!

by Team Soulflower on

Soulflower Kumkumadi Night Elixir Oil doesn't need any introduction. Favourite of ours and yours as well! With a unique formulation which has 26 unique herbs and oils, this...

Did you know about Vitamin C and it's Benefits?

by Team Soulflower on

A really simple guide to what is Vitamin C and what all it does to your skin?🍊 What is Vitamin C Serum?- It's a rich moisturizing serum that provides radiance...

Essential Oils to use with your Mask!

by Team Soulflower on

Did you know that you can also add essential oils or even other ingredients such as rose water, yogurt, honey to your face masks? For those who are...

Why Frankincense is important in your beauty routine?

by Team Soulflower on

If you haven't started incorporating Frankincense into your beauty routine, then you should do it right NOW! Extracted from the aromatic gum resins found in Boswellia trees, the...

Why to choose Soulflower Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion over other lotion?

by Team Soulflower on

Most of us are now gradually trying to make the switch from synthetic body lotion to it's natural alternatives. The reason is simple and pretty clear. After years...

Which Essential Oils you can use with Soulflower Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion?

by Team Soulflower on

Soulflower Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion already has essential oils of Rosemary and Lavender included in it. But, you can further add other essential oils based on your...

DIY Strawberry Scrub!

by Team Soulflower on

'Tis the season to be merry! Also, 'Tis the season of strawberries 🍓. Apart from being just a delicious fruit, due to it being high in antioxidants, strawberries...

Sun Care!

by Team Soulflower on

Even though the winter sun is not harsh, in fact it is quite comforting from the cold winds. What happens is that the atmosphere blocks some of the...

Orange for Winters!

by Team Soulflower on

Rich in Vitamin C, using beauty products which have extracts or essential oils of Orange in them can improve your skin health during this season. This vibrant fruit...

Make your winter bathing time joyful!

by Team Soulflower on

The luscious, bright and juicy oranges even form a crucial part of our soaps. Orange Essential Oil, fresh peels and extracts of the fruit give the handmade bars...

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