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Make your own Essential Oil blend according to your skin and hair type!

by Team Soulflower on

Essential Oils are basically concentrated extracts from plants, stems, leaves, fruits or even resin. If you have still not read up our previous posts from the last month...

Why Frankincense is important in your beauty routine?

by Team Soulflower on

If you haven't started incorporating Frankincense into your beauty routine, then you should do it right NOW! Extracted from the aromatic gum resins found in Boswellia trees, the...

Essential Oils to Soulflower Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion to get smooth, acne free and toned skin!

by Team Soulflower on

Winter skin care :)Add these Essential Oils to Soulflower Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion to get smooth, acne free and toned skin. You just need to put 2...

DIY Smooth Skin With Soulflower Essential Oils!

by Team Soulflower on

These three essential oils are equally effective in giving your skin a clear and glowing look. Take 2 drops each with 6-7 tbsp of any Soulflower Carrier Oil...

What's your skincare routine for the winters?

by Team Soulflower on

The greasy and sticky feeling after your daily skincare routine is quite common. Specifically during the winters, when our dry skin compels us to slather layers of creams and...

Which Essential Oils you can use with Soulflower Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion?

by Team Soulflower on

Soulflower Chamomile Aloe Vera Body Lotion already has essential oils of Rosemary and Lavender included in it. But, you can further add other essential oils based on your...

Did you know what Hyaluronic Acid does?

by Team Soulflower on

By now we already know that hydration during any season means Hyaluronic Acid. Naturally found in the skin, it helps give structure and repairs tissues and facilitates the...

Solution for Skin Texture and Clogged Pores!

by Team Soulflower on

Did you know that AHA'S can be used to scrub off and remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and give your skin a smooth texture? The acids present...

Sun Care!

by Team Soulflower on

Even though the winter sun is not harsh, in fact it is quite comforting from the cold winds. What happens is that the atmosphere blocks some of the...

Oil Cleansing With Jojoba!

by Team Soulflower on

Many of us still believe that only oil-free products need to be used for cleansing your face, or for removing makeup. Oil Cleansing as a method is unknown...

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