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Soulflower Date A Cutie Program!

It is the month of February and we all know what it means. The biggest day of love in the year Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and after the year we have had, a celebration of love seems fitting. The past year has been difficult, and love & companionship are all the more meaningful in its aftermath. Cooped up in our homes  we spent days yearning for familiar spaces and faces, and we were not alone in our longing. Our best friends – our neighbourhood strays too, longed for their favourite humans to show up. The times were unforgiving to humans and animals alike.

At Soulflower, the virtues of compassion, love and gratitude have never been limited to employees and customers. They extend even to Mother Nature and her inhabitants and Soulflower’s very existence can be credited to the practice of ‘animal love’. Which is why in these trying times we could not bear to see our furry friends go hungry. We took to the streets to feed them and got paid for our small kindness a thousand times over. This unconditional love at a time when people everywhere were starved for affection were just the salve we needed.

So, to celebrate the biggest day of love it seemed fitting that we repay the favour and take our love for animals forward with something special. –

#DateACutie –is a weeklong Valentine’s themed initiative by Soulflower to spread love and awareness about caring for our strays. This Valentine’s we will be spending the day with our four-legged friends and we want you to do the same.

  • The main #DateACutie event will take place on the 14th where our team will take to the streets to feed our four-legged friends and spend some time showering them with love. The event is a celebration of our furry valentines and you are all invited!

Find us on Instagram @soulflowerindia for all event related updates.

Can’t be there? Here is how you can participate and show your love:

  • Through the week spend some time and feed the strays in your neighbourhood. Cats or dogs – they all need your help. Get them ready for your date, click a load of selfies and share it online with #DateACutie. We'd love to see how your date goes, so don't forget to tag @soulflowerindia.
  • If you have pets, dress them up and share the photos with us to show your support.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to get the latest updates about the event.

Cutest entries stand to win vouchers from Soulflower!

Why are we doing this?

We have been through difficult times and there is nothing more comforting than a friendly wagging tail and the quiet comfort of wet nose boops. Don’t believe us? Here are a few benefits of spending time with strays -

They provide companionship: The company of an animal and the bonds we forge with them makes the world feel less lonely. You are needed and loved.

They fill you with joy: Treat an animal with kindness and they never forget it. A wagging tail or a content purr is sure to fill you with warm fuzzy feelings. Their excitement at your mere presence is infectious.

Helps with anxiety: Our furry friends live in the present, unfettered by worldly worries. Spend time with them and you will feel all your worries simply melt away.

Improves mental health: Interacting with a dog or cat can elevate your mood, reduce stress levels, and make you feel calm. Several studies prove that playing with them can elevate the serotonin and dopamine levels in your body, keeping you relaxed.

Now that you know the benefits of being around these very special beings what are you waiting for? Find yourself a furry valentine and let yourself experience the purest form of love there is. Go on! Date A Cutie!





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